Gahanna, OH – 2017 Annual Report

Enhancing Pollinator Health & Habitat

  • Current Habitats Include:
    • No-Mow areas located in five Gahanna Parks: Hannah, Friendship, Lower McCorkle, Gahanna Woods and Woodside Green Park.
      • Lower McCorkle wildflower area part of environmental mitigation project in conjunction with the Columbus Airport.
      • No-Mow patch at Woodside Green will be seeded with wildflowers to increase pollinator food sources and habitat.
      • Monarch Friendly garden for teaching – Hannah Park and Woodside Green host an abundance of pollinator plants and Milkweed growing in un-mowed areas. This area was seeded in Summer 2017.
    • Gahanna’s Rain Garden was updated and reseeded in Summer 2017.
    • Hamilton Road Roundabouts-in this restructuring of a major thoroughfare, the opportunity to create habitats in a unique space was accepted. It was planted by the Ohio Department of Transportation in July 2017.
    • Gahanna Woods large wildflower area and wetlands was installed as part of a remediation project by the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District. There was an invasive removal project that was completed in Summer 2017.

Policies & Practices

  • City is has reviewed and adopted pesticide practices that are not harmful to pollinators
    • Current practice for our parks crews treat only sports fields and pool areas for dandelion, crabgrass, and red clover.
    • Using reputable, local nurseries for plant and seed stock
    • Crews are hand watering new plantings
    • Providing host plants for nectar and pollinators into new planting areas.
    • Use of rain barrels when possible
  • Spring of 2017 two beehives were installed on city property, near wildflower meadows and are maintained by City Employees trained in beekeeping practices.

Education & Outreach

  • Ohio Herb Education Center offers pollinator related public education. In 2017 they hosted the following classes:
    • January & February: two sold out classes on Beginning Beekeeping
    • April: Herbal Planting for Pollinators & a free community Spring Plant Swap
    • May: Herb Day, annual plant sale and free education day
    • June: Wild Herb Walks
    • Sept: Fall Plant Swap, a free community event
  • Horticulture Crew offered Saturdays in the Garden during the summer months to educate the participants of the community gardens.
  • Here is the media coverage we received in 2017:

Local Website & Contact Information

For more information, please visit the Gahanna, Ohio (http:/ webpage.

Pollinator City/Bee City Coordinators:
Shannon Barnette
Horticulture Coordinator

Brooke Sackenheim
Ohio Herb Education Center

City Liaison:
Jeffery Barr
Director of Parks & Recreation for City of Gahanna