Denton, Texas – 2017 Annual Report

Enhancing Pollinator Health & Habitat

On February 18, 2017 the City of Denton hosted its annual Honey Run event. We considered this to be another successful event complete with over 500 runners. This is a daylong event geared towards promoting bee awareness throughout the Denton community.  The first 500 individuals received a free t-shirt and the first 500 runners to complete an event get a mini honey dipper as a medal. After the race, participants were able to meet with local beekeepers and try samples of locally produced honey.  Next up, was an intro to beekeeping workshop with more than 140 individuals. We expect more will attend this year.

We also hosted four additional gardening class during the spring and fall. These gardening workshops have a combined attendance of more than 70 individuals. The workshops provided a learning opportunity for members in the community, as well as, hands on experience in a garden. During the class we talked about what types of native flowers and plants will help attract and support bee populations. Citizens can also get free flower seeds from the seed library at the Emily Fowler library. We encourage everyone to start their own pollinator garden to help support local bee populations.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center (CCNHC) implements organic and sustainable bio intensive gardening practices in their vegetable garden; however, the garden struggled to combat pests over the summer and fall. We managed to donate the following: 5 lbs radish, 5.5 lbs greens, 13 lbs carrots, 12 lbs onion, ½ lbs peas, 29 lbs squash/zucchini, 4 lbs beets, 5 lbs beans and 9 lbs okra.

Education & Outreach

I have attached a photo of our pocket praire guide that can be printed out and put in your pocket on a nature hike. The guide has also been developed into a sign that is positioned at our trail head. CCNHC has partnered with the Denton Independent School District to provide outdoor learning opportunities to children of all age groups. The facility provides a hands on learning opportunity to the entire class. Schools will schedule times to come out to the property throughout the year and take children on a nature hike. Last year we had over 50 school visits.

Local Website & Contact Information

To learn more about what is going on with Denton’s Bee City, please visit our facebook group:

You can also visit our Clear Creek Natural Heritage Page to learn more about the programs going on at our Nature Preserve: