SUNY-Cortland – 2017 Annual Report

Enhancing Pollinator Health & Habitat

SUNY Cortland has made a commitment to improving pollinator habitat by planting more pollinator-friendly native plants, trees and shrubs around campus. Since our Bee Campus USA certification began in spring 2016, we have made hundreds of plantings of at least 26 different native species, many of which were in an educational bioswale.

Policies & Practices

SUNY Cortland follows a least-toxic Integrated Pest Management Plan. We have published a guide for local native species that we use when selecting plantings and have made it available to members of the local community.

Education & Outreach

SUNY Cortland has held several events since our initial certification to educate the campus and the larger community about pollinator health and habitat. These events have included a native plant fair, a workshop on caterpillar gardening, a lecture on the use of native plants on a college campus, a talk on milkweed pollination, and several events highlighting our model urban garden, which includes many native perennials in addition to annual vegetables.

Service Learning

An undergraduate student has served as a Bee Campus USA service-learning intern. Her work has included helping to design our new signs, maintaining the model urban garden and organizing events.

Participants in fall gardening event around the model urban garden


The Biological Sciences Department focused its annual Conservation Biology Seminar on pollination biology. The event focused on undergraduate research and featured three poster presentations on pollinators and/or their host plants. A student is currently using the model urban garden to research the impacts of organic vegetable gardening.

Educational Signage

A new sign in front of the educational bioswale on campus describes the native plants present in the bioswale and the pollinators they attract.

Local Website & Contact Information

In 2016, SUNY Cortland became the sixth campus to be certified as a member of Bee Campus USA. The Garden Advisory Committee coordinates the College’s efforts to maintain and improve pollinator habitat and educate the community on the importance of pollinators.

Visit the SUNY-Cortland Bee Campus USA  webpage now.