College of San Mateo, San Mateo, CA – 2017 Annual Report

Enhancing Pollinator Health & Habitat

Our most successful achievement has been the pollinator-friendly CSM Community Garden in honor of Cesar Chavez.  The Sustainability Committee will support and track these Garden events and efforts in order to bring attention to sustainability efforts for the whole campus. These accomplishments will be reported in the Sustainability Plan annual report.

Policies & Practices

Students, faculty, college administrators, and staff, including the Facilities Manager and Groundskeeping team, will provide guidance and oversite to ensure that our Bee Campus USA program continues to meet the criteria and commitments needed to support pollinators while maintaining alignment with our District goals.

Education & Outreach

In collaboration with Faculty, students on our Bee Campus USA Sub-Committee, as well students involved in both the CSM Botany Club and Sustainability Committee, have championed the educational outreach component of our Bee Campus USA endeavor.  We already have a huge Earth Day Celebration planned on campus for 2018, and Bee Campus workshops will fit in very nicely with the event.

Service Learning

Sixty College of San Mateo students helped with maintaining the community garden!


Workshops for pollinator ecology and pollinator-friendly landscaping have been offered to the community in several courses.  Our goal is to partner with as many student groups and cultural communities as possible to educate the community about the importance of pollinators.

Educational Signage

Students will collaborate on educational graphics for sharing information about pollinators and pollinator-friendly environments.

Local Website & Contact Information

Visit our webpage at

Contact our Bee Campus USA committee chair, Biology Professor Paul Hankamp, at